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El Centro Blog 4
From 10/21/14 Today, everything went fairly smoothly except in the first ten or fifteen minutes. Evelyn and Juan were more rambunctious than usual. They were very physical with each other; they competed to sit in one seat, and when Evelyn got their first and Juan, in his frustration, grabbed her folder and threw it. He continually took her name tag or her pencil and would run away with it. Evelyn chased after him and grabbed him, fighting with him to grab back her belongings. On one level it was very playful and innocent; just two little kids playing around with each other. Still, as the adult in the situation I tried to take control of the situation. Juan’s tutor didn’t seem to know what he was doing either, and remained quiet during their “fight.” I called out Juan’s name a few times and told them both to “chill out.” I wasn’t exactly the most forceful or effective person, but they eventually settled down. The rest of the session went fairly quickly. However, I... (more)

welcome tinydeal
doogee dg900
2500mah octa-core,

In 7,5 mm di spessore sono stati racchiusi un processore MTK 6592 Octa-Core a 1,7 Ghz, 2GB di RAM e 16 GB (circa 13 liberi per l’utente) di memoria interna, il tutto accompagnato da Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. A questo aggiungiamo un display da 5 pollici IPS con risoluzione 1920×1080 e doppio Gorilla Glass 3; le cornici sembrano un po’ spesse, le dimensioni sono tuttavia 7 cm di larghezza per 14,2 cm di altezza per un totale di 180 g. Oltre all’ampio display, sul fronte troviamo una fotocamera da ben 8 MP con un angolo da 88°(Prodotti simili: DOOGEE DG800). Sul retro invece monta una 13 MP con sensore Sony IMX135 con apertura f/2 e flash LED. Tra le specifiche però vediamo una fotocamera posteriore da 18 MP (errata), mentre sui test di Antutu da 16 MP (errata). Con quest’ultimo, il risultato supera i 22000 punti. La ROM montata sembra avere qualche feature interessante come le gesture su schermo spento per avviare determinate applicazioni; gestione della... (more)

new jersey

It's my interpretation that when you dislike someone or something, a huge amount of effort is put in to avoid anything/everything concerning them/it. Apparently, you find my writing so captivating that it brings you here thirty five plus times a day. You can thank for my awareness of that knowledge. Site meters are so useful like that. I can only conclude that your visits here and impersonations of me are because you want to either love me or be me. I'm not conceited in the slightest bit but I can't make sense of it any other way. You've fooled many people, including me, on a couple of occasions and I suppose that was what your intentions were. But it would be lovely now if you'd pack your bags and go away, Dear Bedminster. What you consider fun is nothing more than frustration to everyone else. And continue to know that every comment you leave from here will be deleted so really, it's virtually pointless for you to continue what... (more)

The Common Ills
The one where I pitch for Black Agenda Report

The one where I pitch for Black Agenda Report (Betty) We're cross-posting Betty's post about Black Agenda Report: The one where I pitch for Black Agenda Report I promise to do this only once, pitch for a fundraiser. This is Black Agenda Report: Black Agenda Report has been bringing you news, commentary and analysis for all of eight years now. It's time for us to ask you, our friends, readers and supporters for money. Black Agenda Report was the first to blow the whistle on the Obama administration's participation in the bipartisan campaign to privatize public education, when in December 2008 we told our national audience who Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was and what he stood for. Black Agenda Report was the first, and among the only places to ask why the closing of 40 mostly black public schools at a time in Philadelphia was not national news. Black Agenda Report has been nearly alone in pointing out first... (more)

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